Section 80 Income Tax Deductions|With All in One Tax Calculator for the F.Y.2022-23

Worried about paying huge taxes every year? Know these deductions that can reduce your tax payable. Section 80C – Investment deductions from taxable income Some of your investments offer more than just expected … Read More

Finance Bill, 2022 | With All in One for the Govt. and Private Employees for the F|Y.2022-23

 Finance Bill, 2022 | Latest Income Tax Table F | Y 2022-2023 (A | Y 2023-24) – Budget Review 22 | Income Tax Rule Changes and the Latest Income Tax Chart There are two main things … Read More

Income Tax exemption to the disabled person Section 80U | With Auto Fill Income Tax Master of Form 16 for the F.Y.2021-22 as per Section 115 BAC

Income Tax exemption to the disabled person Section 80U is given tax deductions for Therefore,   those who have at least 40% disability under the law. There are several criteria for this and a specific … Read More

Download Form 16

 Download Form 16 1. Fundamentals of Form-16 As we discussed above, Form-16 is a certificate that is issued by the employer until June 15, after the end of the financial year. … Read More

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