Tag: Download Auto Calculate Income Tax Form 16 Part B for the F.Y.2022-23

Auto Calculate Income Tax Preparation Software in Excel for the Non-Govt (Private or PSU) Employees for the F.Y.2023-24 and A.Y.2024-25 with Tax planning on investments under section 80C.

Auto Calculate Income Tax Preparation Software in Excel for the Non-Govt (Private or PSU)  Employees for the F.Y.2023-24 and A.Y.2024-25 | Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India is a  provision that allows individuals to claim deductions on investments and expenses. It is one of the  most popular tax-saving options for individuals in India. Section 80C allows taxpayers to reduce their […]

The new tax regime for senior citizens: Income tax calculator for the tax year 2023-24 in new and old tax regime with tax slabs and tax exemptions as per Budget 2023

 The New Tax Regime for Senior Citizens: as per the Union Budget, 2023, the Government has modified the income tax slab rates for taxpayers under the New Tax Regime. Therefore,  New tax regime for senior citizens: Through the Finance Bill, 2023, the Government has revised the income tax rates under the new tax regime for taxpayers, including senior citizens. Now […]

Download Excel-based software all-in-one for the Government and Private employees for F.Y. 2023-24 and A.Y. 2024-25 with exemptions and deductions not claimable under the scheme’s new taxation

 Download Automatic Income Tax Calculation Software based on Excel all in One | The following are some of the major deductions and exemptions you can’t claim under the new tax system:  Therefore,  Exemptions and deductions are available under the new regime for the Financial Year 2023-24 as per the Budget 2023  In the new tax regime […]

Instantly download Form 16 for 50 or 100 employees, part A and B or part B for the financial year 2022-23 according to the new and old tax regime U/s 115 BAC

 Download and Prepare 16 Forms Part B or Part A, Part A and Part B or Part B for Financial Year 2022- 23 for 50 employees or 100 employees at a time | Therefore, In the financial year 2022-23, the CBDT (Board of Direct Taxes) has made an amendment in the rule 16 form “Payment of TDS authentication”. A separately paid department […]

Everything you need to know about Form 16 – TDS Certificate for Salary| With Auto Calculate Income Tax Form 16 Part A&B and Part B for the F.Y.2022-23 & A.Y.2023-24 in Excel

Everything you need to know about Form 16: TDS Certificate for Salary | Employers issue Form 16  TDS certificates to their employees. It is proof of the deduction of tax at source from the employee’s  salary. Furthermore, the genesis of this form can be seen in section203 of the Income Tax Act 1961 as  TDS. It is a […]

A Salaried Employee’s Tax Proof Certificate Form 16| With Auto Calculate and Auto Preparation Excel Based Master of Form 16 for the F.Y.2022-23 and A.Y.2023-24

 A Salaried Employee’s Tax Proof Certificate Form 16| You must obtain your Form 16 from your  employer if you are a salaried employee. Here are the basics and how to file your income tax return If you’ve been an employee for a while, you know the dates and other documents associated with an income tax return. That is, it’s Form […]

Form 16 A and B- the two sides you need to know| With Auto Calculate and Auto Prepare Form 16 Part B and Part A&B both for the F.Y.2022-23 in Excel

Form 16 A and B- the two sides you need to know| Attention all salaried employees in India! Are you ready to discover the mystery behind the Salary? Certificate Form 16? This important document not only summaries your income but also contains the key to your tax deduction. But wait, did you know that there are two TDS certificates, Form 16A, and Form […]

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